Mission Statement

In the modern world, our children are constantly distracted by TV, computer games , game consoles and even mobile phones. These distractions do not help in the child’s development and yet compete for your child’s time and attention. Moreover, these present day games are increasingly promoting violence and gore. Parents have to constantly shield their children from these negative influences.

As parents, we have a duty to engage our child in healthy learning activities that cultivates in them qualities such as responsibility, independence, critical thinking and love of learning.

Chess is a game that has benefits for a growing child. These includes:

  • Analytical skills and decision-making
  • Thinking skills and realization of actions and consequences (“make a mistake, you lose”)
  • Learning by experience
  • Exceling in maths and science – in countries where chess in schools are implemented, students have exhibited excellence in recognizing complex patterns.

White Knight Chess Academy offers chess lessons to children from the age of 4 upwards in a fun learning and interactive environment.

IM Jimmy Liew

IM Jimmy Liew is the man behind White Knight Academy. He is the first Malaysian to attain the title of International Master and also received the FIDE Trainer title. Jimmy has been active in chess for forty years as a player and trainer.

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