Chess coaching

Personalised training in the comfort of your own home.

Event organization

Providing chess sets and clocks and arbitering services.

Group classes and lectures

Lecture/talk on a range of topics not normally covered by other chess coaches.

What coaching/training are offered?.

We specialize in personalised chess coaching. For a reasonable fee, we will come to your specified location for chess lessons ranging from an hour or more.

For group sessions with a minimum of four students, we offer better rates. Contact us for more info.

Events and promotions

Do you have a chess event to run for your school, company or organization?

We can provide the necessary chess equipment and qualified arbiters to make your chess events a success. Our qualified arbiters are equipped with the approved pairing program that ensures the proper round-by-round pairing and final results.

Your event will be published on our web site as well as social media.

Next Steps…

Contact us to discuss your requirement, whether you need a turnkey contractor to run your tournament or a personalised coaching session for your child.

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